one hundred chapters

of love and other things

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#9 – help me

I haven’t written here in a while because my love life has taken an incredible turn for the worse. Let me start from the beginning, though.

Almost 8 months ago, in September 2012, I started dating a guy who I’d been friends with since October 2011 (we met in university, and we’re both studying Law). In fact, he’d been interested in me ever since we met, but he’d never had the courage to do anything – which is actually a good thing, seeing as I wasn’t interested in him until September/October ’12.

ANYWAY. We’ve broken up twice already, and it’s always because of the same thing: he’s too clingy. Just toooooo clingy. But then, you know, I start missing him, and I think ‘maybe we can compromise’ and, for a while, we can. But then we don’t. Then it gets worse, and worse, and he keeps insisting to be together, and the more he insists, the less I feel like being with him.

It’s such a huge, unnecessary mess, and I know we’re better off without each other. He says I’m always putting everyone else in front of him (which is not true), and he unfortunately lives his life around me, and always has me as his first priority. I don’t want a relationship like that! Also, um … I kind of NEED to study and to hang out with other people but him.

Seriously, I just need you all to colectively say: break up. Break up. And maybe I’ll get the courage to break his fragile little heart again and to feel guilty when news of him drinking too much and not focusing on his exams reach my ears.